Making Appointments

  • Online bookings for chiropractic are open again as of 20th April 2020. Please note that the time you book on the website may differ slightly from the time you receive on your reminder.
  • Our receptionist will be on the front desk on Mondays, Tuesdays and Thursdays.
  • If you are having trouble making an appointment online, please call 07 3366 5757 and speak to our receptionist during the above times, or leave us a message.

Before your appointment

  • You will be sent an SMS containing a link to a COVID-19 screening questionnaire. This must be completed before coming to the clinic.
  • Please try to limit the number of other people who come with you to your appointment. Arrange care for children with another family member if possible.

Arriving at the clinic

  • Remain outside. Please send an SMS to your chiropractor to let them know that you have arrived – just reply to the reminder SMS you received.
  • While waiting to enter, please use the bathroom adjacent to the back door to wash hands. Twenty seconds with soap and water, then dry thoroughly.
  • Your chiropractor will SMS you when you can come in.