Unfortunately, due to continuing issues with her lower back following fusion surgery in May 2022, Belinda has decided to retire from practice. She writes the following to her patients:

It is with sadness that I have made the decision to stop practicing as a chiropractor.

As most of you know, I underwent spinal fusion surgery last year, which was initially very successful and after much rehabilitation, I was pain free again. Unfortunately, after resuming work on a part time basis, my original pain and subsequent compensatory pain began again.

On the advice of my orthopaedic surgeon and at the insistence of my family and colleagues, I stopped practice again and my pain has improved.

I have to be realistic about what I am able to do and need to follow the same advice I would give any of my patients under the same circumstances.

I will miss practicing as a chiropractor and as all of you know, I love what I do. At the moment, there is a huge gap in my life and I’m trying to figure out what will happen next.

Please allow Adam, Michelle and Jessica to take care of you – they are excellent practitioners and wonderful people who have your best interests at heart.

I know I will see many of you outside of clinic as the friends that you have become.

Much love,